Those we leave behind : Alts Etc Edition

I thought I was done with leveling characters for a while.

Why in Hell would I think I’d ever be done leveling characters?

Old name, brand new character

Old name, brand new character

Minutes after I hit “Publish” on my last post, some Twitter friends poked me and I feel like a total fool, now. The truth is, the answer was right in front of me.

An eternity ago (somewhere in 2012 really) I joined Stands in Bad. A few months later I got pregnant and I stopped playing altogether, and when I came back, I mostly played on the Horde side of the fence. But SiB is exactly like the dream guild I described last week.

The guild is pretty quiet lately, and I didn’t spend much time with guildies since I came back because everyone is busy elsewhere. As is everyone else at this point. No new content and other games being released pretty much means no one is around anymore. For a time.

I have faith that things will improve as soon as Blizz gives us something to sink our teeth into. Anything would do at this point, really. Just saying. *cough*

But one doesn’t just drop everything and move to a new server on a whim. Unless you have cash to spend on moving 6-7 characters to a different realm. Which I don’t. So I’ve decided to transfer my alliance main over, a draenei hunter, and to re-level a couple alts for professions. So far, the monk is level 17 and the rogue level 6. Taking care of a baby slows the progress quite a bit, but I trust I can get them to 90 with maxed professions before the expansion drops. I already had a level 88 shaman on the server, which is now level 90 with two professions at 600. I plan on making a DK as well, as soon as I can settle on a race. But that one will most likely get boosted.

In an effort to keep busy while we wait for the Warlords and to get involved in the Godmother’s project of leveling characters the old fashioned way, I will try and blog about my monk and rogue’s journey. I plan on leveling the rogue through quests and pet battles mostly, with some dungeons on the side. As for the monk, she will heal dungeons, for the most part.

Let’s see what happens.

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