Love and hate

Illusion: There are two people in this screenshot.

Illusion: There are two people in this screenshot.

I won’t lie, I have a love/hate relationship with raiding. I used to love it. A couple years back, I couldn’t wait for raid time, to get online and kill internet dragons all night. Up until Firelands, Then it all came crashing down. Firelands killed raiding for me. I blame my ex-guild for that. But that’s another story.

For the last three weeks or so, I’ve been raiding with my horde guild. I’m not sure how that happened. The boyfriend told me they needed a dps, and my brains kinda went: what the hell, let’s try it. It’s been sorta fun, but not omg-this-is-amazing fun. I was hoping I could get back the feeling I used to have, the passion for raiding. But no such luck. It feels like the flame is still there, somewhere, just really tiny. And I can’t find it, nor can I make it big again.

Last night, after what feels like a billion attempts (probably more like 30-40, I don’t know) we killed Garrosh. It was on my to-do list, and I’m glad that’s done, but that’s it. And it just occurred to me I didn’t even bother taking a screenshot.

The last time I really felt something about a big boss was in Icecrown Citadel, when we killed the Lich King. I was ecstatic. I haven’t felt like that ever since about raiding. And I’ve been wondering why for a long time.

The greatest feeling

The greatest feeling

The easy answer is that I’m done with raiding. But I’m not so sure. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic of the Wrath of the Lich King era, or maybe, and this is the more complex answer, maybe I haven’t found the right guild.

Guilds have been problematic for me since… WotLK. I was in a guild, got stabbed in the back by people I thought were my friends, and since then, I’ve been guild hopping, never finding a home to settle in for good. This, I believe, is the main problem. I enjoy playing WoW, but I’ve been mostly playing it by myself, and with my boyfriend. We’ve been in guilds, we raided, but never actually bonded with anyone, and we never stayed long in the guilds we’ve joined, for various reasons. The horde guild we’re in now is fine. Most people are nice and friendly. But it doesn’t feel like home.

I guess I’m just picky, but I have a pretty definite idea of what my dream guild would be. And until I find it, I’m afraid I won’t find the passion again.

In my dream guild, there are bloggers. People are active on Twitter. Ideally, it’s not a gigantic guild with 500 players in it. There’s a raid group, or many, and at least one of them does only normal (or only flex.) and is at least mildly successful at it. People are friendly and helpful. There are guild activities like old school raids and such. No drama, no elitists, no one gets yelled at for making a mistake. No sexism, no racism, no homophobia. I want a guild in which people care about and respect each other. I want a guild in which I can make friends to enjoy my favourite game with.

Maybe I’m asking for too much. But I do hope such a guild exists.

3 thoughts on “Love and hate

  1. Syrco

    What you’re describing in this post is exactly the same as how I feel about raiding at the moment, and it’s been like this for almost a year now. My previous guild was almost perfect, so many nice people, raiding, fun, progress, guild meetings. But then the problems emerged during the summer with lack of people, drama and so on. A lot of people left and everyone kinda gave up. We stopped raiding and most people found new guilds.
    I never found a new home. Nothing will ever be like that guild. Raiding isn’t very fun anymore, WoW isn’t, I don’t play a lot, but I miss it, I miss a nice guild with active players. I want to raid maybe once or twice per week, maybe do some rated battlegrounds, but I can’t find the right guild.
    Your dream guild is exactly how my dream guild is. Let me know if you find it, I hope you will! :)

  2. Exlucis/Exchao

    This! Finding a group of people with like-minded interests has always been challenging. And when I’ve found one, things end up drastically changing. Even now I’m having an alt-dentity crisis, and I’m finding myself looking for new challenges (when I remember). I am a fan of SiB but it’s been quiet since my SO and I came over. Hopefully that changes for the better. In the meantime perhaps our paths will cross again! Hang in there, I believe Warlords will bring much rejoicing!

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