I am renewed

Ten points if you know where the title is from.

Guys, guys! GUYS!

My mojo is back! It crept in last week, without me noticing. Then it hit me.

I’m back, baby.


I had the idea last week (or was it the week before?) to take a look at the Godmother’s prepare-for-the-next-expansion guide, and finally the master plan took form. 

The priority for me right now is to be done with all things Outlands. That means factions rep, quests, mounts and pets. The only two factions I’m really interested in at this point are Netherwing and Sha’tari Skyguard. Most of the other OL factions have been maxxed out on various characters of mine, but those two give eleven mounts total and a pet, which clearly can’t be overlooked. If I’m ever to reach the 150 mounts milestone and score the beautiful Jade Pandaren Kite, this is the place to start.

Before I started, I was sitting at 137 mounts, so even with both those factions at exalted, I  was still two mounts short of my goal. While I was out in Shadowmoon Valley, killing wild animals for their glands or stalking eggs and Nethercite, I remained on the lookout for other stuff like the ever-elusive khorium, so that one day I might get me a Turbo-charged flying machine.

Two days after I started working on Netherwing and Sha’tari Skyguard, I was revered with both. On day 3, I hit exalted with the Skyguard almost effortlessly. Today, I hit exalted with the Netherwing, after roughly a week of dailies and egg hunting. I also gathered enough materials to craft the aforementioned engineering mount, which put me at 149 mounts.


Nether Rays

The hunter, proudly showing off her little Nether Ray family.


The priest and her Netherwing Drake.

I went back to my character’s armory, and realized I was missing one of the Cloud Serpents, so I flew over to the Arboretum, coughed up 2100 gold, and then…

Nothing happen. I had to switch to my warlock for it to register, so I didn’t get the cheer, but there it was, in my achievements panel:

 150 mountsPandaren Jade Kite

Now that I’m done with the mounts farming for a while (49 to go for Mount Parade!) I can focus on other things. Namely, getting all my characters to 90 and max out their professions. Yes, that again. I’m terrible and still haven’t finished the professions thing, but what can I say, I’m never sure of anything. On the horde side, I’m pretty much done with MoP. The reps, the quests, the gear, the raids. Only the rogue remains profession-less, but she’ll most likely be my banker anyway, so it’s not such a big deal. On the alliance front however, I’m far from done. There are toons to level, professions to max (gotta use those Darkmoon Faire bonus points wisely!), quests to be completed, gear to be gained, and more importantly, much faffing to be done. My bags are chuck full of all sorts of stuff I need to go through, my guild bank is a mess, speaking of which, the guild needs to be leveled as much as possible, and I still need to finish Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm for Loremaster of Outland.

I’m hoping for a beta soon, but I’m not too sad that it’s not here yet, because quite frankly I’m just not ready. But I’d totally drop everything for it. In a heartbeat.


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