The ultimate faffer (or Lyr’s dilemma)

There are things I feel one must have to be the ultimate faffer.

  • Having at least three alchemists, one of each specialization, for procs on all your pots/flasks/transmutes;
  • Having at least two engineers, one of each specialization, for maximum coverage of all craftables;
  • Having four enchanters, one of each armor class so all the Timeless Isle gear tokens can be sharded;
  • Having all the professions (even the secondary ones) maxed out;
  • Having a max level rogue to open all lockboxes. You could have a blacksmith use keys for that, but I feel it’s wasted materials since you need ore to craft the keys whereas the rogue can just do it without any material cost;
  • Having a max level mage on every account you have (if you have more than one) for portals available to all your characters;
  • If you do have multiple accounts, having a two-seater mount, preferably capable of flying.

Surely I forget other important stuff, so be sure to let me know in the comments. Now, does one absolutely need to have all those things in order to faff? No, of course not. Can you be a very efficient faffer without all those things? Yes you can. Do I feel the need to have all those things? Yes, yes I do.

But then I question the necessity of all those things. Do I really need two max level mages only for portals? If I enjoy mages and love to play the class, then maybe it’s not a problem. But maybe I’m not really into mages to begin with. Maybe it’ll be there, gathering dust, only being used for portals. See, my problem is also that I feel like I have too many characters. Characters that I don’t play. I get them to max level, then they gather dust, seeing some action if I need something from their profession or something of the sort, and then they go back to doing nothing for months. Maybe it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I think it all boils down to what you want to do, and what you enjoy. If having all the things mentioned above is something you want, then go for it. If you feel it’s unreasonable, then don’t. Inexplicably, I feel like I have to do things in order to be as efficient as possible, but then my OCD kicks in and tells me it makes no sense to have so many characters I don’t even play just for the sake of convenience and efficiency.

Then again, I think too much.

10 thoughts on “The ultimate faffer (or Lyr’s dilemma)

    1. Lyrestra Post author

      You’re right of course. It’s the beauty of faffing after all. Everyone can do it their way and have a blast.

  1. Lyrestra Post author

    Forgot to mention it but some sort of waterwalking is also helpful. The Anglers mount and raft are particularly useful.

  2. Prinnie Powah

    “Having four enchanters, one of each armor class so all the Timeless Isle gear tokens can be sharded;”

    ……………………………….. that makes so much SENSE.

    1. Lyrestra Post author

      I’m not sure how useful that will be in Warlords of Draenor, though. It might not work like that at all. Maybe the beta will tell us more on that soon.

  3. Lyrestra Post author

    The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth is also quite useful when farming, as you can vendor all the trash using bagspace. Also, my second account’s hunter is working on engineering so I can have a Moll-e almost anywhere when farming. Access to a mailbox in the middle of nowhere can be godsend.

  4. R

    I think you hit the high notes, bonus points for multi-account mages (big fan when the RAF summon isn’t available) and 2-seater mounts… I leveled a RAF pair from 1-85 with separate mounts and /follow, which was something of a pain, once I got the Obsidian Netherwing RAF mount reward (after confirming it’d also work as a ground mount) that whole process improved greatly for subsequent pairs.

    I’d also add, for optimal faffing, full sets of heirlooms with max enchants for leveling toons as well as a full set of the archaeology weapons and i450 MoP heirloom weapons.

    I’ll also make a token disagreement about having alchs with all 3 specs… assuming you’re doing the daily xmute on all (and of course you are, even if it’s just the Living Elements one in Uldum!), they’ll need to always be xmute spec for regular use. If/when you need flasks or potions, respec one of them temporarily and make a ton at once of all types you may need… then respec back to xmute and start collecting mats for the next craftfest.

    I’ve done a pretty good job of spreading out professions across toons so most have some sort of daily profession task to do, if nothing else. It helps combat the “useless alt” thing but does annoy my Battletag buddies when I’m doing my half hour profession circuit each day and am constantly flipping toons. Personally, I like having a bunch of max-level, functional toons available, I’ve arguably had 8 different raiding “mains” over the years (arguably only because my definition of “main” doesn’t generally match anyone else’s, I treat my toons very fluidly), one never knows when the urge for another change will strike.

  5. Muranyi

    I feel the same way. I leave my toons just sitting there and feel bad about not playing them but then I always remember that I can play them whenever I feel like it. I guess I just never feel like it. Maybe I am over thinking it. Just have a ton to do on one toon and other than auctions on my other toons I feel like I don’t have enough time to get into each one. Nice post btw!


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