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May my bags always be this full.

I think maybe you know this by now, but I love working on professions. Yes, even after seven years of this, I still love working on alts’ professions. From time to time I need to take breaks from it for a couple months or it becomes a chore, but most of the time leveling professions, gathering mats and learning new recipes is exciting. Gathering materials yourself all around the world, then using them to craft items, some more useful than others, is deeply satisfying. I hadn’t thought about it before, but my lovely Rekrsiv has pointed out that the main reason for this is the immediate gratification provided by professions. You can do it all in one -very long, admittedly- stretch if you like, and benefit from the results in timely fashion. This kind of opportunity is quite rare in most aspects of life. Even in game, farming rep, gearing up, leveling a character. These things take time, and unlike professions, usually can’t be done in only a couple of hours*. I love instant gratification, me. It compensates for all the other stuff I have to be patient for.

Funny Ghoul Name

What is this I don’t even

Lately, I’ve been working on my warrior and my latest hunter. They both took mining, one to go with blacksmithing, the other to go with engineering. I also have a baby goblin death knight which will be my banker on the second account. Therefore, I made her an enchanter and engineer to facilitate access to an auctioneer at the shrine, and so she could disenchant any item I don’t plan on using or selling for profit. I picked this class because I love the unique hair colour the goblin death knights can choose, which can be seen in the screenshot above. She is stuck at 375 enchanting until I level her past 60, which will happen when I’m done with more important things like hitting 90 on the aforementioned hunter, max her mining and other shenanigans of the sort. The bucket list is coming along nicely, if not as quickly as I’d like, but that simply means I won’t run out of things to do until we hear about some sort of beta just yet…

*There are exceptions for this, like the Golden Lotus nowadays. or any Pandaria reputation really if you farm enough Scouts. Even gearing up can be done in a handful of hours thanks to Timeless Isle, but most of the expansion hasn’t been like this at all.

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