Not quite there yet

The last week has been a blur of pet battles, babies crying and family dinners. It’s been fun but intense, and even though I feel like I have too much stuff on my plate right now, it’s a better feeling than boredom. Because now is not the time to sit on your thumbs.

We still have no new information concerning the Warlods of Draenor, but I trust we will in early January. The beta will be here any minute now really, and even though the expansion is still a couple months away at best, there is still tons to be done before we’re ready.

Battle Pets

Not quite there yet.

I spend so much time in game lately that I barely have any time to think. Think about what I want to do, both out and in game. Think about unimportant stuff like professions and the master plan. I really wish there was a master plan, some sort of direction but it’s only complete and absolute chaos. I wish there was a plan because there definitely isn’t any. If there was one,  I like to think everything would be easier.

After much deliberations and headaches, I finally decided which professions to give my rogue, hunter and warrior. I haven’t actually started working on it though, so anything can happen until I do. Changing my mind isn’t only something I do. In my case, it’s a fricking lifestyle. I suspect I’ll change my mind a couple times before I actually do anything, so I might have to hurry and do it already. I still want to get my draenei hunter to 90 so she can go on Draenor as soon as possible, but I’m also considering completely rerolling a brand new one on my horde server just because I have room for her and it might be less of a hassle this way. My realm isn’t exactly alliance friendly, but after all, it’s only to explore the world and see what the alliance side looks like.

I also have many, many pets I want to get to 25 and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll hit the trainers and try my hand at the celestial tournament. So far, the Northrend tamers have been a total roadblock, but I only have a handful of pets at my disposal. Once I’m done leveling all the pets on my list (most of the blues I have really, but not all of them) we’ll see where that takes us, but for now, I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.

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