On the hunt

Pet Battles Achievements

Late to the party is my middle name.

I’ve made tremendous progress on the pet battle front this weekend, and in all honesty, I haven’t had this much fun in game in a really, really long time. I love faffing around and farming and all that, but that’s everyday business. Pet battles feel fresh and brand new, for the simple reason that I never seriously tried it before. Until now.

It was quite easy to make such progress since I hadn’t done all that much pet battling in the last year. I had three level 17 ish pets, and I now have… well, a lot more. I managed to snag a couple of rare ones who are around lvl 19-21, which is quite exciting. Plus, it makes me look forward to maxing more pets. But first, I need to max my first team.

It was hard to pick my first three pets. I knew I wanted to start with Chuck and my beloved Sprite Darter Hatchling for sure, but I had no idea what to pick as my third pet for my first team. At first it was a Little Black Ram, then for a while it was the Terrible Turnip, then a Darkmoon Zeppelin, and finally a Small Frog until I finally tamed my first rare flying pet, a Dragonbone Hatchling.

I loved my small frog, but it was only of uncommon quality, so when I got a flying pet, I just decided to roll with it. Chuck is incredibly strong with his healing abilities, which allowed me to solo some battles, killing all three enemies and ending with full health at the end. I’m still in Cataclysm zones at the moment, which are a bit hard for my noob-ass self, so I might go back to Northrend to grind a bit more. My pets are of level 24, 23 and 22, so I should soon be able to hit Pandaria. I’m very excited for this, because I really want to tame all the things when I’m finally ready for Pandaria. I got some battle stones to upgrade the quality of my pets, but since I’m not sure what to use it on, I’ll hold onto them until I can make a decision.

I’m already starting to think ahead of which pets I want to level next, as it helps to have some sort of symbiosis between the three of them. I know the Terrible Turnip is at the top of the list, as it really sucks to kill a rare when you’re trying to tame it.

I don’t know how long this pet-battles-all-the-things! frenzy will last, but I’m really enjoying myself and it fits quite well in my schedule between baby feeds and changing diapers.

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