Let’s call it “vacation”

Who could refuse a vacation of undetermined duration to such a lovely location?

Who could refuse a vacation of undetermined duration to such a lovely location?

Getting a second WoW account is by far the best WoW-related decision Rekrsiv and I made this year. Being the altoholic that I am, my server was full of characters and I was considering deleting a couple just to make room for new alts. Now, I get 22 character slots on my server, which is great, but also a problem. I have so many characters now that I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not possible to keep up with all of them. Every day I stare at my character screen, log on a toon, check emails, auctions, profession cooldowns, the farm, and then I switch to another toon and start all over again. This takes some time, time that I could be spending actually leveling characters or farming, or playing with my son or doing chores around the house. Don’t get me wrong, I think the mail/cooldowns/auction shuffle is actually quite fun, but having a limited amount of time to play this game, I have to try and focus on what I enjoy the most, and that would be actually being out in the world, farming mats, killing monsters and exploring the lands.

So until WoD goes live, I decided to properly “store” some of my characters.

What do I mean by storing? There are some toons I don’t plan on doing anything with any time soon. No dungeons, no farming of any sort. I will prepare them for the next expansion as if MoP was effectively over. That way, if I don’t log on these characters for months because I’m too busy with my other alts, I know when I take them out of storage when Warlords of Draenor comes live, they’ll be ready to step on Draenor at a moment’s notice.

The characters I plan on storing until the next expansion all qualify to a set of criterias, which are:

Character is max level;
Character is done with reputations for the moment (MoP or otherwise);
Character hasn’t seriously been played in at least a month; *
Character’s professions are maxed out (even the secondary ones!) **

* When I say “seriously played”, what I mean is I haven’t even logged on that toon for an extended period of time. If I use a character for a daily cooldown, it won’t be stored as long as I need the cooldown to be used.

**The only exceptions to this criteria is fishing. If the skill is very low, I’ll wait and level this when we get new fishies on Draenor. It makes little sense to farm a gazillion fishes I won’t need anymore, so might as well wait for the new ones I will most likely need to max cooking in WoD. If need be, tailoring and leatherworking can remain at 575 since the WoD leathers and bolts should take care of the last 25 points. (Assuming we get Leather scraps on Draenor.)

Once I chose which characters I want to store, and I’m done with their professions, there is more that needs to be done. Here is the plan:

Empty bags/bank of everything that can be auctionned/vendored/disenchanted;
Put as much transmog pieces in void storage as possible;
Gear everyone with as many Timeless Gear pieces as possible;
Make sure everyone has a fonctionnal dps spec and appropriate gear and glyphs;
Make sure everyone with a gathering profession has an Orcish  a Gnomish Army Knife(GAK) in their bags;
All bags must be as empty as possible (leave hearthstone, GAK, fishing pole/hat, bandages, health pots only);
Clear everyone’s quest log.
Optional: Consider maybe getting professions bags where required.
 (enchanting bags, herbalism bag, mining bag etc.)

I may have to revise this whenever a new big patch hits the server, but we’ll see. (Surely I forgot stuff that might be relevant to this particular project, so if you think of anything, please let me know.) As you can see, this project of mine is no small task. So far, I plan on storing at least six of my characters (and that’s only on the horde side) and since my banks and bags are a mess, I suspect it’ll take me a couple of days/weeks to sort everything out. But the point is to keep busy while we wait for something to happen, isn’t it? 

- Edited Orcish Army Knife (OAK) for Gnomish Army Knife (GAK) – January 5th 2014.

3 thoughts on “Let’s call it “vacation”

  1. R

    Nice to see someone else with the same general plan (and toon number issue) that I have. :)

    I’ve already mostly parked a handful of toons, I only have 5 or 6 toons who haven’t leveled to max (and all are in the 85-88 range) so they’ll get leveled at some point before the next expansion but that’s a low priority goal. I have a handful of max level toons who I don’t log into weekly so they’re functionally parked unless I need them to make something for another toon.

    As in your situation, any toons who have a useful daily cooldown (Alch (I’m still doing Living Steel xmutes), LW, BS, Tail, Eng) are still doing those for now although I suspect they’ll stop at some point prior to WoD in most cases (except Engineering and Tailoring (the earlier cloth, not the recent one) for mounts/pets and bags respectively, it’s entirely possible I’m going to continue those into WoD as well depending on what WoD does for bags).

    I’m going to hold off on selling things until I see some firm info on what will be going into the toy box and what will stay on my toon… I may not actually sell off at all until WoD actually hits but I may do a bit of a re-org for keepers vs borderline vs sellable to make that process easier later. I do need to shard some epic gear that I’ve since replaced while the shards are still worth something.

    I’ve already mostly kitted out all my 90 toons in TI gear but I have enough of a token stockpile that it’s time to fully kit out all specs where applicable, not just active primary/secondary specs. During expansion lulls I’ll often try out new roles/specs on toons to see if something clicks, TI gear makes that pretty easy since I can get a gear set that’s up to par for most LFRs at least. I’m also considering doing Proving Grounds Gold for all classes and roles, just for personal satisfaction and educational purposes… that’s a bit of a task, though, so it may not happen and it’s entirely possible I won’t be good enough on some to actually get it done. That just makes me want to try, though. :)

    I’m still doing Celestials/Ordos on all toons every week as long as there’s gear to be gotten, I’ll probably stop that at some point but I’m not there yet.

    In liu of clearing out the quest log I’ll sometimes decide to actually finish off quest zones instead… that’s a mood thing. Once WoD hits, though, any remaining quests go away. I don’t bother to stockpile completed quests to turn in, I don’t seek out server first titles so there’s no rush, I like to enjoy questing through on a toon for the first time in an expansion which is one of the reasons I avoid the beta entirely.

    I’ve already revamped my primary professions, this point in an expansion is when I’ll usually tweak professions if I’m not happy with any on particular toons but I went through that process a couple of months ago, unless I change my mind on something those are already in place and maxed. I don’t care about the secondary professions personally, they’re already maxed where I care about them.

    One of my personal tasks that I don’t see on your list is dealing with profession mats and items… I’ll need to stockpile some (Ghost Iron Ore for the Engineering cooldown, cloth for various bags if WoD again doesn’t really reset the bar for bags) when the price is low and sell off others (enchants, gems, BoE gear, maybe herbs) while there’s still some value in them.

    Plus, new toon creation/leveling. There’ll be some of that in my future (and present), too.

    The only other thing that may be missing is if you planned to max out any reps (MoP or earlier) that you haven’t yet on particular… that isn’t a big deal for me but it might be to others. The old 5.0 daily grind seems less grindy at this point with a lot more gear and a lot less competition for resources. :)

    1. Lyrestra Post author

      Thank you for the detailed comment. You should start a blog of your own! =P

      One of my tailors will stay on her farm in Pandaria for an undetermined period of time. She will (already is) planting cactuses and crafting Imperial silks every day. So that takes care of the bags. I hadn’t thought of it until you brought it up, but I will now do the same with another character to get mats for engineering pets and mounts. My guild bank is full of mats of all sorts, and if I ever need any other things, I can go farming for it or plant it on the farm.

      As for reputation, I am mostly done with the reputations of Pandaria on the characters I plan on storing. (tailors needed August Celestials and Golden Lotus, leatherworkers needed Golden Lotus, Blacksmith needed Klaxxi, etc) I do need to work on other reps, Outlands ones notably, but most likely on my main, which won’t be stored.

      1. R

        Heh. Nah, original content isn’t my thing so if I had a blog it’d be nothing but responses to other blog posts and I doubt that’d be of much practical value, seems to make more sense sticking to comments to the posts in question as long as the bloggers permit it. :)


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