Waiting for the Warlords

Maybe you don’t know this about me, but I love making lists, for absolutely everything, both in-game and outside. I love to have a visual reminder of all the things I need to get done on any given day because I’m completely absent-minded and I swear I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to the rest of my body. So to help me keep tracks of everything I want to do in-game, I’ve made my very own WoW Bucket List. Up until now it was pretty empty, but today WoW Insider asks us What are you doing between now and Warlords of Draenor? I figured it was time to update it.

The beginning and the end of an expansion are my favourite times. The beginning because, obviously, we get to explore new zones, get new gear, meet new factions and conquer new dungeons. But I also like the end because that’s when I get into busy-mode. The end of an expansion is to me the time to do everything I haven’t done before, for lack of time/interest when it was “current” content. If it wasn’t done already, now would be the time to get exalted with all the MoP factions on the relevant characters. My death knight is right now slowly getting exalted with the August Celestials so she can buy the recipe for the Royal Satchel. My mage is already crafting those every twelve days, and I plan on letting her in Pandaria once WoD is released so she can continue planting cactuses and making Imperial Silk everyday while everyone else is on Draenor.

I also plan on taking one of my characters to Outlands to work on a couple reputations (Shatari Skyguard and Netherwing, notably) and finish Loremaster of Outlands. I know, it’s sad that I’m still not done with this, but I’m lazy, and I think I have slight ADD. (Whenever I think: “let’s get some stuff done!” there’s a little voice in my head going: “yeah but you could roll a new alt instead!” and then guess what happens. Either that or the baby starts crying or the BF needs coffee. There’s always something.) Since the next expansion happens on Draenor, it makes sense to get as much stuff done in Outlands, which is basically a corrupted version of Draenor. There might not be anything related to the Outlands reputations on Draenor, but it doesn’t hurt to do it now, just in case. Plus, it gives a couple mounts. Who doesn’t like more mounts?

While I’m working on Loremaster of Outlands, I should probably just bite the bullet and finish Northrend, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, too. I only have a couple zones to do for each, and if I do them on a max level character, it can’t be that bad. Even at level I hear it’s pretty easy since you quickly out-level a zone before you have the chance to do all the quests. But since I have a ton of low level characters, I could just take a couple of them to work on those quests. Then I need to level at least one alliance hunter to 90 before the next expansion goes live, create a horde warrior and grant her/him levels from the characters on the second account.

So in short, in priority order:

Level all the toons.
Farm mats for professions.
Clean my guild banks, characters’ inventory/banks
Auction as much stuff as possible.
Figure out everyone’s transmog.
Finish Loremaster.
Maybe work on Outlands reputations for tabards, mounts and gear.

That should keep me busy for a couple months… Now all we need is a release date! Or at least a beta.

For more info on what I’ll be doing while we wait for the Warlords, check out my bucket list!

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